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Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine

All inverted vertical type wire drawing machine that are manufactured by our company after improving break through the traditional design concept. It gets to top level now. You wont feel shaking if you touch machine when running.Only we can do it. So it is our most advantage. It has a variety of models, can drawing the high,middle,low carbon steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire which diameter is under ø 42 mm. and It can realize heavy coil unloading wire. So it Is mainly suitable for standard cold heading, automobile and motorcycle industry, the high strength steel wire and cable enterprises. Features: the transmission system adopts first level of strong narrow v-belt combined with hardened reducer;Takeup heavy wire coils; Drum, mould box circulating water cooling system (for high carbon steel wire);Pneumatic pressure wheel;Offline plate is active and the coil diameter can be adjusted; Ac frequency conversion speed regulation, stable drawing, high degree automation, can operate more than one machine with one person, the machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable, energy saving 10-30%.

卷筒直径 Capstan diameter (mm) Φ1400 Φ1200 Φ1000 Φ800 Φ600
拉拔道次 Drawing passes 1 1 1 1 1
进线强度 Inlet line intensity (mPa) ≤500 ≤500 ≤500 ≤500 ≤500
******进线直径 Max.Inlet size diameter (mm) 42 30 20 12 8.0
总压缩率 Gross compression rate (%) ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤25 ≤25
拉拔速度(m/m in) Drawing speed 25 - 35 30-40 40 - 50 50 - 70 60- 80
电机功率 Motor power (Kw) 110-132 75 - 90 37 - 75 22 - 37 15-22
拖动方式 Drag way 交流变频
备注 Note 卷筒直径可根据用户要求定制,高碳盘条可Φ23mm进线

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