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Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine

LZ series straight line wire drawing machine that is manufactured by our company after improving is mainly suitable for drawing all kinds of metal wire which diameter is under 14 mm. Such as: spring wire, rope wire, bead wire, flux-cored wire, gas shielded welding wire, Aluminum cald steel wire, prestressed steel wire, rubber tube wire, and fasteners wire and other kinds of low, medium and high carbon steel wire. Drum diameter is Ф 350-1200 mm. The kind of wire drawing machine has lots of functions,including the man-machine dialogue, motor overtemperature protection, abnormal pressure, meter counting, full scale alarm, fault display etc. If produces high carbon steel wire.You should choose one more line named pre-treatment production line that is before drawing wire. The whole process is as following: (duck-billed pay-off - disorderly parking line - mechanical shell - steel brush to remove oxide skin - water - electrolytic pickling - coated boron - drying - online - hot water into the wire drawing machine drawing).  

型号 Model LZ350 LZ400 LZ450 LZ500 LZ560 LZ600 LZ700 LZ900 LZ1200
拉拔道次 Drawing passes 7-11 7-10 6-10 6-12 6-12 5-12 6-9 3-9 6-10
进线强度 Inlet line intensity <1250 <1250 <1250 <1150 <1150 <1150 <1150 <1150 <1150
******进线 Max. Inlet size 03.5 04.2 04.6 05.5 06.5 06.5 08.0 010 014
最小出线 Min.Outlet size 00.6 00.7 00.9 01.2 01.35 01.4 02.5 02.8 03.0
拉拔速度 Drawing speed Determine the speed and motor power according to the strength of the drawn material and customer requirements



Straight line wire drawing machine unit that Our company designed and manufactured after improving, possess a forwardlook ing inc luding relevant domestic leading technology. Also possess leading level in the drawing wire capstan hardening technology processing and cooling (air, water) systems , The setting speed of machine unit and stress sensor have Multiple projects signal sampling, Our goal is to get real intelligence. Straight line wire drawing machine unit adopts horizontal pay-off stand when drawing high carbon spring steel wire ,adopts overhead pay-off machine when drawing low carbon s teel wire,adopts electric rotating payoff when drawing bearing steel wire. Take-up wire methods will include (drum take-up,Coil take-up, Spool take-up, Inverted vertical take-up), Straight line wire drawing machine can achieve high total compression ratio, more drafts, Low part of the compression ratio and fast running speed. The cooling system of middle capstan, die-box tuner device, lubrication supplies and die-box design, Line pressing roller device, Outlet wire straightening device are all getting from production process ,So it has strong practicality.The main functions Of straight line wire drawing machine : AC frequency conversion technology( programmable control system), screen display, and it’s easy to operate with high automation level.Drum adopts air cooling and water cooling. Die box adopts direct water cooling because of good cooling effect. We adopts first grade strong narrow v-belt and hardened reducer because of high transmission efficiency at transmission part . and we adopts the design with fully enclosed cover device because it will be safe when machine is running. Tuning is done by tension, drawing stability is good. Accurate meter counting, break wire alarm, positive and negative point jogging, fault information display, supports limited any match die, mold wear automatic tuning device, jump die device any removal .drum support different process, and other functions . Anyway! Looking behind if you choose us!

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