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Talk about relevant content on inverted wire drawing machine
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We should have many chances to contact with wire drawing machine, perhaps we also have seen the drawing machine in other places. After we talked about the water tank wire drawing machine and straight wire-drawing machine, we should still relevant content again and talk about this inverted wire drawing machine after a variety of wire drawing machine. Costa machinery specializing in the production of wire drawing machine, a friend in need can contact us.

The degree of automation of inverted wire drawing machine is very high, it can drawing and accept line at the same time, it’s take-up reel can reach 2 tons, and when it was in a wire unloading is also very convenient and simple, the production efficiency is high, safe and reliable. Inverted wire drawing machine, he can be very good in standard parts and hardware products to use.

 The transmission system of mechanical inverted Costa drawing machine with the combination of V type, its gear and bearing are used to pump nozzle for lubrication, it will makes the whole drawing machine very reliable, noise is very small, also very strong, high ratio of performance to price, but also environmental protection, the energy consumption is also rarely. In the line disc discharging time equally convenient, pneumatic also very stable. AC frequency converter which is used in the step-less speed regulation, can from rest to open. Free to rotate, can also carry out emergency brake in a very short time.

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