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Safe operation of the water tank drawing machine should not be underestimated
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Whatever we in operation, the security is an issue not to be ignored, so when we are in the water tank wire drawing machine operation, he's safe and what aspects? Constant machinery specializing in the production of wire drawing machine, if you want to know more about relevant contents of wire drawing machine, then be sure to lock we cough up.

Before we start up, we're going to the corresponding position, water tank, pump tighten inspection and lubrication, and the foreign body in the grooves, guarantee motor ventilation of his collection. Also look at the safety protective equipment is good, if the safety protective equipment is not all that you can't drive. Dog before going on, we will first locked wheel opening and closure in the above, the main motor to open first, then open the clutch, then adjust knob, slowly, the quickness of the motor in the dog.

When constant driving mechanical drawing machine before, we will first to low-speed, look at the weekend, make sure no problem after the acceleration. At run time if there is leakage or leakage, we need to stop for repairs. Reduce the speed first, then press the stop key. If you want an emergency stop, we're going to press the stop button first, then in the park. Take the knob adjustment to the perfection of electromagnetic speed regulating device, turn off the clutch. Wire drawing machine when not, we will adjust his hook to the highest point.

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